Introducing Snack Swaps

My fellow nutritionist Carolyn Brown at Foodtrainers shared this on her Facebook page and I really could not have said it any better.

you are what you eat

A good portion of my job at Foodtrainers is to evaluate products from green juices to snacks to supplements (hey, I’m not complaining).  While calories, fat, protein, fiber, sugars, etc are important, the first thing I look at when reviewing a product is actually the ingredient list. You are what you eat so if you eat crap… well, you will feel like crap…

I’ve always found myself intrigued by the plethora of new food products available to us every time I visit a supermarket or health food store. And for those of you who have been food shopping with me, I’m sure you can testify to this. As I walk through the aisles, I find myself stopping (quite often) to look for new products and alternatives made from better ingredients. Perhaps this is why I am always the last one to head over to the cash register…

After I find these great products, I obviously cannot keep them to myself! And so this is the introduction to a “series” in my blog called Snack Swaps. Here I will share the “better for you” snacks that won’t leave you feeling like crap. It’s time to ditch the junk and start eating REAL.

Happy Better Snacking,



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