Break out of the Holiday Hibernation

It’s that time of year again…family holiday parties, potlucks with friends, and holiday buffets (many many traps for overindulging, eek). With the busy holiday season ahead of us, it’s easy to go overboard (very easy..).  The average weight gain during the holiday season is around 1 pound (despite the 5-10 pounds you may have heard before). If you’re not watching your weight, this may not seem like a lot but with holiday season here, it also becomes harder to be dedicated when it comes to staying active (especially in the winter). I refer to this as the Holiday Hibernation (in the exercise department).

Personally, I find it easier to eat less and in smaller portions than to exercise more. It has taken me a long time to be able to commit to my current regime (trust me, it is not easy in the beginning) and with family and friends visiting, it really does get hard to stick to it.

If this sounds familiar and you’re feeling like you are slipping into Holiday Hibernation, please join me in the Runner’s World 2013 Holiday Running Streak  #RWRunStreak and pledge to run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.

I can let you off the hook with 7 miles per week 🙂

When I decided to do this (everyone in the office is doing it!) I thought I signed up for something way too much for me. However, so far so good. One mile takes about 10 minutes of my day (out of 1440 minutes) which I feel is pretty reasonable.

Still deciding if you will join me? Here is some motivation: You have put so much work into being dedicated to your training plan (I’ve been there), don’t let the holiday season put it on hold. And trust me, it will be hard to jump back into it once “hibernation” is over… Let’s keep each other accountable by tweeting and #RWRunStreak daily or keeping track of miles ran using an app.


Please share- How do you stay motivated during the holiday season when it comes to staying active?

Happy Running,



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