Eat less sugar.. you’re sweet enough already!

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo on Instagram:

eat less sugar

We hear it from family, friends, and health professionals all the time- CUT BACK ON ADDED SUGAR blah blah blah!

We know we need to chill it with the sugar but how much should we cut back if we don’t know how much we are having in the first place?

The first step is to know how much we are taking in and how much is recommended. This video tells us a lot about how much sugar are in the foods that me and you may eat daily.

Sugar Showdown: Whole vs. Processed Foods

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends limiting the amount of added sugars you consume.  For women, that’s no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. For men, that’s no more than 9 teaspoons per day.

Get this:
A 12-ounce can soda typically has 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar! 

So if you’re asking, “Help! How do you figure out teaspoons of sugar are in what I’m drinking?”
Multiple the serving size per container with the number of grams of sugar. Then, divide that number by 4.

Ex: 1 serving per container, 24g of sugar per serving = 6 teaspoons of sugar

If you’re trying to cut back on sugary beverages, try adding sliced fruit or fresh mint into your water for flavor, try unsweetened tea, or seltzer with a splash of juice.

fruit infused water

For bottled beverages, I like Ayala’s Herbal Water and Hint Water, both flavored with natural ingredients.

Happy Hydrating (lightly sweetened only),



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