Snack Swaps: Real vs. Unreal Peanut M&Ms

This week I’m sharing one of my favorite “better for you” alternatives……Unreal Candy (think peanut M&Ms)!

Welcome chocolate covered peanuts without the junk (yes I’m talking about you, artificial colorings)

That’s right- NO corn syrup, NO partially hydrogenated oils, NO artificial ingredients, NO GMOs, and NO preservatives!Β 

Boston-based company Unreal CandyΒ is known to “unjunk the candy world.”

Here’s a look at M&Ms and Unreal nutrition facts side by side

Unreal vs M&Ms

And now for my favorite part..revealing the ingredient list for the two

Peanut M&Ms

10 artificial colorings

Peanut M&Ms

Unreal Candy

Natural Colorings

purple cabbage juice, beetroot juice, annatto extract, tumeric extract

Unreal Ingredients

Unreal Candy Coated Chocolate Peanuts

Next time you reach for a bag of M&Ms, I would take a look at the ingredient list. Artificial colorings are a no-no and have been banned in other countries (known to pose many health concerns including behavioral effects, chromosomal damage, and hyperactivity). Opt for products colored with natural dye (beets, carrots) like those used in Unreal Candy.

I’m as happy as you to find out that a better version of peanut M&Ms really does exist. Thanks for unjunking candy, Unreal πŸ™‚

Happy Snacking,



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