Snack Swaps: The Way Better Chip

Last snack swap of 2013 (woo hoo)!

I’m not a huge fan of spicy snacks but I made an exception for this snack because it’s just that good….

This week I’m sharing with you a better-for-you chip (didn’t think it was possible, eh), Way Better Snacks!

Their Sweet Chili flavor is so good (has nice crunch + a little zing to it) and flavor wise, kind of tastes like a Dorito Chip…..

Here’s a glance at their ingredient lists-

Doritos ingredient                           Way Better Chips Sweet Chili Sweet Chili ingredients

You already know what I’m going to say about artificial colorings…gross (refer to my previous post about M&Ms)

Okay now you’re probably wondering what’s the deal with the sprouted stuff in Sweet Chili’s ingredient list

Simply put, when seeds are sprouted, they are made more available for us to digest, resulting in better absorption of nutrients. So you will find that they have more protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. You may have heard of sprouted bread before…this is the same concept (subject for another post).

These chips come in different flavors, such as black bean, sweet potato, blue corn, but this sweet chili flavor tastes the most like a chip you eat right out of a bag rather than a tortilla chip that you use with a dip.

Hope you get a chance to try to the way better snacks, would love to hear what your favorite flavor is!

Happy snacking better, 



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