Snack Swaps: Fruit Strips

This week’s snack swaps is on fruit strips (leathers and rolls included) and I’m introducing you to TWO better-for-you options.

Remember those fruit leathers and strips you used to have as a kid and counted them into your fruit intake for the day? Ha, I was guilty of that (keep in mind this is pre-nutritionist version of me). Out of all the options I had, these Joray Fruit Rolls were hands down my favorite.

But little did I know that I was having a little more than just fruit….. I was also having added sugar, artificial colorings and flavorings (ew)!

Ingredients: Fruit (Dried Apricots [Contains Sulphur Dioxide], Cherries [Dehydrated], Strawberries [Dehydrated], Raspberries [Dehydrated]), Corn Syrup Solids, Sugar, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavor, Red 40, Blue 1, Potassium Sorbate (a Preservative).

1 roll has 95 calories and 15g of sugar 

Meet Stretch Island Fruit Co Fruit Strips, 100% natural, no artificial additives and no added sugar.

When you’re looking for a fruit strip, you want as few ingredients as you can, especially if you’re going to count it as part of your fruit intake.

This Summer Strawberry flavor has 45 calories, 9g of sugar.

Ingredients: Apple Puree concentrate, pear puree concentrate, strawberry puree, natural strawberry flavor, lemon juice concentrate

<insert applause>

But since I did mention that I’m bringing you TWO snacks this week, the even better option are these Veggie Go’s Fruit and Veggie Strips

It’s a strip with both fruit + vegetables! My favorite flavor is the Mountain Berry Spinach (also comes in three other flavors, Cinnamon Spiced Beet, Sweet Potato pie, and Carrot Ginger). 1 strip is 17 calories and has 2g of sugar. 

Ingredients: Organic Apples, Organic Spinach, Organic Strawberries, Organic Raspberries, Organic Blueberries, Organic Sweet Potatoes

<insert applause>

Are you guilty of counting Joray Fruit Roll as your fruit (like I did)? Have you tried any of these? Which is your favorite flavor?

Happy Better Snacking,



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