Set the mood with these Aphrodisiac foods

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and it only makes sense that I post about Aphrodisiac foods.

So what is an Aphrodisiac? It is something that increases arousal or promotes thoughts or feelings that make you feel.. well, sexy.

In this case, we’re talking food (when are we ever not).

There is talk that they may be certain foods that can help “set the mood.”

Let’s get to it…

Oysters– Aside from the fact that they look like a certain female body part, oysters actually do have something in them that make them an Aphrodisiac (and perhaps the most popular one). It is rich in zinc, a mineral that is important for the production of testosterone.

Chili Peppers– Some like it hot. In this case both of you should. Chili peppers contain the chemical capasicin, which increases blood circulation (ahem, to the right areas…), making us feel “hot” like during the “activity.”

Dark Chocolate- As if we needed another excuse to eat chocolate.. Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine and tryptophan (helps produce serotonin), which elevate mood levels, making you feel “happy.” And perhaps more excited to get things started…

Beets- Aside from their pretty color, beets are known as an aphrodisiac because they contain a trace mineral called boron that increases sex hormone levels in the body.

There you go guys, a fun post to help you get your juices flowing…

But seriously, in the end, I really am a strong believer that it’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle to have a healthy sex life!

Happy V-day,



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