Snack Swaps: The Restaurant Style Chip

In preparation for Super Bowl Sunday a few weeks ago, I was looking through Pinterest for some ideas for snacks. And of course, I found many recipes for dips, but I had my eye on the chip (and crunch).

I’ve written a Snack Swap  on Way Better Snacks, which is also a great option, but I was looking for a more versatile chip. The kind that would go well with anything from salsa to guacamole to a spinach artichoke dip…the restaurant style chip.

I think most of us are familiar with Tostitos, the Original Restaurant Style Chip. Crunchy and addictive..and (I’ll admit it) my old “go-to” for dips.

Then I came across this… Beanitos, the Original Bean Chip. Beanitos has many flavors including black bean, chipotle bbq, nacho cheese, pinto bean, cheddar, and of course a restaurant style chip made from navy beans.

Here’s how they compare …

Snack Swaps for restaurant style chips

I always put the ingredient list first because I really do believe that that is the first thing you should look at when picking up a packaged item.

Looking at Tostitos, the ingredients look fine right? But moving onto the nutrition information, Beanitos is a better option. It is lower in sodium, higher in fiber and protein.

Sometimes you can go overboard when it comes to chips and dips. Crunch, crunch, crunch, and soon you’re holding the entire bag in your hand. If you’re going for a chip, you’re better off going for the one that will keep you full..and keep you from going for seconds and thirds.

Happy Snacking,



4 thoughts on “Snack Swaps: The Restaurant Style Chip

  1. Natalie says:

    Great idea! Those bean chips look amazing! And they are packed with fiber and have twice the amount of protein as tostitos means they are a smart snack choice. Definitely going to buy them!


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