Fun Finds from The Coffee & Tea Festival

Two weekends ago, I attended the Coffee & Tea Festival NYC (a sold out event, wow) held in the 69th Regiment Armory. I could not think of a better way to start my Saturday morning than with multiple doses of CAFFEINE.  From espresso to honey, here are some of my fun finds..

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 5.34.51 PM

First up is tea.. 


Chai Mookie drew me in with their pretty display of spices. Chai tea is a hit or miss for most people, however it has really grown on me over the years. This one was super flavorful and contains many great ingredients for digestion- black pepper, ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon (good for blood sugar control), and fennel (great for debloating). I tried the Dirty Mookie, which is a combination of espresso and chai (uhh yes please) and it sure did wake me up.  Not a bad idea to go sans sugar since the tea itself has so much flavor already.


You’ve heard of makeup and food subscription boxes (ex: Birchbox, Tasteguru, etc) but a tea subscription service? My first time encountering one…

Simple Good Tea  were sampling their silver needle tea and I had to hop on that, especially since I’ve done my white tea research I knew it was good stuff.. The subscription includes their Simply Good Bottle, which is a BPA-Free double walled bottle with a stainless steel filter, designed for those on-the go. Each month you get 30 pre-measured packets of loose leaf tea which you add into your bottle, add hot water and take it on-the-go. You can also refill the bottle with hot water and continue to use the same tea leaves throughout the day.

Second up is coffee… 

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 1.50.15 PM

We were on the hunt for an espresso blend as a present and of course I was the first to volunteer to taste test.  PATH  had an espresso machine..lattes and macchiatos, how can I say no? Their Feather in a cap espresso blend contains brown sugar, currant, and buttered toast notes..I got a macchiato and all I can say is yum…

For coffee, I found this Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee that was so amazing, I actually went back for thirds…

Third up is honey… 

I have never been a avid user of honey but I do like it sometimes in my tea and oatmeal.


I tried several (fine, all..) tastings of honey from Bee Raw and I have to say, I was very impressed. I liked the thicker, less translucent kind, which I was shocked about. But my favorite was Sweet Yellow Clover Honey. However, these events are not just about taste testing (which is obviously the most fun part) but it is also about discovering the philosophy and vision that companies are built from. Bee Raw strives to be both socially and environmentally sustainable, supporting beekeepers and farmers. They recognize the importance that bees have in our society and the production of food. Bee Raw has an ongoing campaign, Save the Bees, which raises awareness of the endangerment of bees and sustainability.


Once again, not a frequent user of honey but I had to mention another amazing honey I sampled. Taste makes jars of local honey (from Lancaster, PA) infused with high quality organic ingredients. The rosemary fig and lavender honey were amazing. I could see the sprigs of rosemary and could smell the herb right away. I can think of so many ways to use these jars…honey party anyone?


Not quite sure why olive oils were here but I am so glad they were…

Elite Gourmet Balsamic vinegars and olive oils were handing out samples- we had a combo of blood orange olive oil and black currant balsamic vinegar (thicker than most you get from stores). Let’s just say, I could probably take a shot of it and want even more…

Were you at the Coffee and Tea festival? What are some of your favorite teas, coffee, and honey?

Happy caffeinating,



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