For the love of Brooklyn (and food)

Last Friday, I went to Brooklyn EATS!, a food and beverage trade show with the lovely Carolyn (One smart brownie). We both have ties in Brooklyn so were super excited to support food businesses in the community. When you leave two nutrition nerds at a food show, things can get a little crazy… (I am snack queen after all)!

Here are some fun finds from the show

1) You’re familiar with a milk mustache after a bowl of cereal but what about a green mustache?

These organic fruit & juice smoothies from Green Mustache are not your typical fruit smoothies. They contain 1 serving of fruit, 1 serving of leafy greens (spinach, kale), chia seeds for an omega 3 boost. Their ingredients have no added sugar, and use only fruit and coconut water to sweeten.

20140627_114749 2

You may not get a green mustache from these smoothies (sorry to disappoint you) but they are a good stepping stone for picky eaters who refuse to eat their greens.

These 10 oz bottles come in strawberry banana, orange mango, mixed berry, and tropical twist. Not just for kids though, I tried the mixed berry and loved it, but wish it were greener 🙂

2) I adore nut butters in my smoothies, paired with sliced apples, on toast (I can go on..) and could not refrain from trying “Sweet Child of Lime” (great name btw). Coconut key lime cashew butter from Better Off Spreads is ridiculous. Cashew butter much creamier than other nut butters and the coconut and key lime combo really made this unique. They also have a spicy peppery peanut butter that was super creamy and had a little kick to it, which kept things interesting. All their spreads are made from organic, non-GMO nuts with no added sugar or fat. 


3) I had the best tasting lettuce leaf from Gotham Greens here at the show.  I’ve seen their packaged items in stores but never really thought about looking further into what else they do. And wow, it is quite impressive and their greens are delicious. 20140627_114144Gotham Greens operates greenhouse facilities in urban areas so think on rooftops. 

Their first rooftop greenhouse facility is in Greenpoint in Brooklyn (about 15,000 square feet) and harvests over 100 tons of produce year-round.  Their second greenhouse facility is on the roof of Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn (this one is over 20,000 square feet) and grows over 200 tons of leafy greens and tomatoes yearly. Word is that they have plans for a third facility in Jamaica, Queens that will measure over 60,000 square feet (woo hoo)!

Their greenhouses use a method of growing plants without using soil called hydroponics. And you got it, “hydro”= water. The plants are given water which contains all the nutrients they need to grow, so no soil needed. They are highly efficient and can produce and provide food year-round.

If there’s no room on the ground, look up. Being in NYC means we are constantly surrounded by towering skyscrapers and because these greenhouses are on rooftops, this saves us space while being able to provide fresh, local, and sustainable produce to the community. I must make a trip to one of their greenhouses to see this in action!

4) If you love little card shops and unique gifts, be sure to stop by By Brooklyn next time you’re in town! By Brooklyn is store in Carroll Gardens that sells products and fine goods made only in Brooklyn. Did some browsing (just a little I promise), I need these pencils.

bklyn pencils

I love supporting local artists and small businesses. I haven’t actually been to the store, but will definitely make a trip there to pick up a present or maybe something for myself…

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 10.54.19 AM

What are some of your favorite Brooklyn companies? Were you at Brooklyn Eats? What were some things that caught your eye?

Happy tasting and learning,



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