From farm to your doorstep

It’s National Farmers Market Week this week which means we’re saying thanks to the thousands of farmers markets (8,144 in 2013!) and the farmers who provide us with yummy fresh food. I’ve written a piece on why I love farmers’ markets and instead of reposting, I thought of another idea..

Visiting a farmer’s market isn’t the only way to get your hands on fresh and seasonal food and to support local farms. I personally like going to the market so I can see all the fresh produce in person but there are other ways too.

So what if you could bring the farmer’s market to you…?

Yup, it really is possible! Check out these services available in NYC

Photo from Good Eggs


“we bring the farmer’s market to you”

Quinciple is a weekly subscription service that packages fresh food from local farms and producers in a box and delivers it to your doorstep. Each box contains ingredients to make at least 4 dinner meals (2 for 2 people). Instead of providing set recipes for meals (like Blue Apron), Quinciple allows room for creativity by providing multiple recipes on what you can make with the ingredients in the box. If you’re saying to yourself, “WTF do I do with this?” they can help you out a bit..

They also have standards for the farms they choose to source from including those that grow non GMO crops and strive to source from organic or as low pesticide as they can.

Sweet Roots NYC

We’re skipping the cooking part with this one and going straight to the final product.. meals!

Sweet Roots NYC is a farm-to-table meal delivery service that uses organic ingredients. Leave the planning, shopping, and chopping to these guys. What I like about them is that they customize meals to your dietary preferences (gluten free, dairy free, allergies, etc). Choose number of meals, number of people, and ta-da! dinner is served (or delivered).

Good Eggs

I love online shopping (thank god for Amazon). But online shopping for groceries? I can do that for hours..

Good Eggs is an online site with goodies from local farmers & foodmakers which are picked and prepped to order. What I really like about them are the standards they set for being able to sell on their website. Farmers who provide groceries must meet sustainability, transparency, and farming standards. You can read more here, which outline criteria from farmers to ranchers. You can get it delivered to your doorstep OR pick it up from one of their locations (only available in Brooklyn now but I hope they expand soon!).

From farm to doorstep? I like it.

Have you ever tried one of these services? How are you celebrating National Farmers Market week? What is your favorite farmers market?

Happy National Farmers Market Week,



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