Don’t be afraid of the yeast….

Popular among vegans and health junkies, nutritional yeast (aka nooch) is like a magical powder. You can sprinkle it on EVERYTHING. But if it’s foreign to you, here’s what you need to know…

I don’t blame ya if you have zero appetite after someone tells you that your meal has nutritional yeast in it. “Okay WTF is this?” was honestly my reaction when I first tried nutritional yeast on these “cheesy” almonds from Sunbiotics. I thought I was really eating cheese until I saw “non dairy” on the package and became quite confused (and curious). Ha, it was so yummy I didn’t even care if it was called yeast…  No but seriously, wtf did I just eat?

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Nutritional yeast is from the fungi family (like mushrooms!) and has been deactivated so no worries, it’s not alive when you eat it.  Its flavor is cheesy, nutty, and savory so works great on savory oatmeal, almonds, popcorn, pasta (mac and cheese too!), soups, and anything you would want to make…well cheesy and more “umami.” Thug Kitchen (my new obsession) calls it “healthy Cheeto dust” (genius) in its new cookbook. You get the point..

Nutritional yeast is packed with B vitamins as well as protein and fiber, making  it great for vegans, whose diets typically fall short in B vitamins. The options are really endless when it comes to using nooch. The one I use is from Bragg and I sprinkle it on almonds, popcorn, and also on salads.

For some recipe ideas, check out this cauli-power fettuccine “alfredo” and savory oats from Angela, who pens the blog oh she glows and is also the author of one of my favorite cookbooks and Food 52’s yummy vegan pesto.

 When was the first time you tried nooch? Any favorite recipes?

Happy sprinkling,



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