This year, I’m choosing patience

Last year, instead of a long list of new year’s resolutions and goals, I decided to commit and focus on just one word- gratitude .

Looking back, I did a pretty good job starting every day with a positive thought and a grateful heart. However, I do admit it was difficult to stay positive during times of stress. I began to notice that I was losing patience with myself and those around me. I started to get frustrated with myself if it took me a little longer to complete certain tasks and asked myself why I couldn’t get it the first time. Every time I felt a sense of frustration, I had to take a step back and refrain from affecting others with my attitude.

Moving forward into 2015, for my one word 365, I hope to have patience in all aspects of my life- from myself to my career to my family and friends. This is the one word I am going to focus on and I hope it will help guide my actions and intentions in the direction of what kind of person I want to become. Patience will be my word for 2015. What is the one word you want to commit to this year?

from kushandwisdom

Happy and healthy new year,



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