Spring Cleaning: Tidy up your fitness goals

Happy Spring! Let’s do a little check-in- how are those goals you set in January doing? I know some of mine have def fell off the wagon…Luckily, there’s just something about Spring that is motivating and screams “new” to us, so all hope is not lost. This is the perfect time to revamp and tidy up that routine and those goals!

Motivated fitness girl in January: My goal for 2015 is to go to the gym 4x a week after work 🙂

A few weeks later….: dinner with a coworker Tuesday, family visiting Wednesday, concert Thursday night, girls’ night out Friday night.. things are getting a little difficult.. 4x a week turns into 2x a week, the 45 minute workout turns into a 10 minute workout. Sound familiar?

Goals are easy to stick to… until life gets in the way =/ Many of us stick to our workout plan for a couple of weeks then give up because it does not realistically fit into our schedules. The key to committing to our workout schedules involves planning ahead and setting yourself a schedule. If you treat your workout like you are setting a date with a friend, how would your friend feel if you told her you were too tired after work to see her? =/. If you  know you need to be somewhere Tuesday night, maybe you can try to fit something in a few hours after dinner or early morning Wednesday.

I know commitment is hard so here are a few helpers..

Classpass: I’ve committed to doing Classpass for a while and I have annoyingly recommended it to every person I know (including you guys reading this ha). Classpass is a fitness passport for $100 a month that allows you to take unlimited fitness classes in participating boutique studios all over city. I have taken classes from aerial yoga to aqua cycling to barre to trampoline workouts. It makes fitness fun and forces me to plan ahead (I need a little push sometimes…). I attribute my commitment to going to class to their late cancellation policy of 12 hours. If I cancel a class less than 12 hours before the class starts, or do not show up for a class, I will get charged $20. It sounds mean but I have to admit, it has helped me get my butt to every single class!

30 Day Challenges: Just realized you are not a gym person? You can try doing exercises in your home. I love the 30 day challenges, which help you not only learn new exercises but its also keeps things interesting. They have variety of challenges from abs to beach body to the little black dress. You can do the challenge with friends too so you can hold each other accountable!

Swork It App: This is a handy workout mobile app for busy bees. Only have 5 minutes? You can choose workouts that are anywhere from 5 minutes- 60 minutes long as well as different workouts from strength to yoga to cardio and also those that target certain areas of the body. There is a tab called “exercise list” that has videos of exercises in case you have never heard of the “T-raise.” Just select a type of workout then how much time you have and you are all set to get started.

Burn This App: Need a little inspiration? Check out BurnThis, a platform for fitness lovers to share and discover workouts, progress photos, and motivational quotes. It is a community of fitness and wellness lovers who will keep you motivated to move!

Hope these help tidy up your workout plan and fitness goals 🙂 If there is something you found that worked well for you please do share!

Happy Spring,




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