Checking in with your hydration

For many of us, staying hydrated and getting enough water throughout the day can be tough. I became motivated to write about hydration after noticing how many of the pregnant women I counsel during my day meet only half the recommended amount of water per day. It was shocking to me but I also realized that I am not that much different. Remembering to drink water is not exactly something I prioritize when my main focus is getting through my busy work day.

So why is hydration so important?

Our bodies are made up of more than 60% water and we need it to keep our bodies functioning properly. Water helps transport nutrients to the cells in our body, cushion organs and tissues, carry waste products out of the body, and also keeps our skin hydrated and glowing.

Especially with the warmer weather upon us (hello 80 degree weather!), it is important to keep hydrated so our bodies can perform all these functions normally.

So how much water are we talking about?

Most of us are used to hearing that EIGHT glasses per day is the golden number for adequate hydration. As if 8 is not hard enough to get, the DRI for women is about 91 ounces of total water (including beverages and food) per day.. that’s about 11.4 glasses! And for men, the recommendation is 125 ounces, about 15.6 glasses per day.

Help!!! How is it possible to stay hydrated?

Alright so here’s an action plan to get you to your hydration goal.

1) You can set a reminder to hydrate. Maybe it is every 2 or 3 hours on your phone. It can even be a reminder to get up and move during your work day and take a stroll to the water fountain.

2) Keep a hydration log- Tally up your water for the day (and include time) at the end of the day. It sounds silly but at the end of the week, you will be able to better assess where you are at with your hydration goals and also be able to pinpoint the times and days in which your hydration is just so-so. 

Hate the taste of plain water? While you can consume 11.4 glasses of plain water per day, there are other ways you can get your fluids in! 

1) Try adding sliced lemons and cucumbers or muddling berries and fresh herbs such as mint into glass and fill with water. This will leave you feeling hydrated and refreshed!

2) Iced Tea- For the tea lovers, tea certainly counts towards hydration! You can sip tea to meet your hydration goals. But for the warmer weather, iced tea is the way to go and can be done easily with Takeya’s flash chill iced tea maker. 

3) Kombucha- sometimes I need something more exciting than water and my go-to is usually kombucha! It contains probiotics which helps with digestion, mood, and immunity and most of all, really quenches thirst. 

4) Hydrate by eating- Drinking is not the only way to get your hydration on. Foods such as watermelon, celery, cucumbers all contain more than 90% water so can be included in your hydration plan.


Have you checked in with your hydration goals recently?

Drink up,




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