Staying healthy at work

Many of us spend the majority of the work day sitting at our desks. Ever noticed that over time, you may have slipped into an increasingly sedentary and perhaps not-so-healthy daily routine? Here are some quick fixes and adjustments to your daily work habits to help you get back on track!
Sitting all day

  • Take a break from sitting all day by getting a standing desk (or make one by stacking boxes and placing your laptop or computer monitor on top!).
  • Set an alarm to remind yourself to refill your water bottle, which forces you to get up to move around, and also helps you stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • During your  lunch break, venture out to a lunch spot further than the one you usually hit up or take advantage of your break and use half the time to take a stroll at a nearby park or just around the neighborhood.

Spending most of your time hunched over the keyboard

Nobody likes ending the work day with back and neck pain. Often times we are slouching and hunching over the keyboard..say hello to poor posture and never ending tense shoulders.

  • Take a break to stretch throughout the day. Here are some of my go-tos: 
    • Clasp your hands behind your back, lift your chest and chin up to open up your chest
    • Clasp your hands together above the head, palms turned facing the ceiling, stretch upward, then stretch to the right, hold, then to the left and hold.
    • Shoulder rolls- roll your shoulders forward and backward several times to loosen up the upper portion of your body.
    • Fold in half- Stand up and reach your arms high over your head then reach your hands down to your toes. Exhale! let it all gooooo

Saying yes to treats at work..every time someone offers
There always seems to be a special occasion at work. Every day someone bring in a new variety of cake or cookie.  It’s sweet of your coworkers to bring in treats for the team, but save those only for special occasions, like once a month, not every week.

  • Sometimes you can mistaken thirst for hunger
    • Try sipping a cup of tea or water instead, which may help curb your cravings.
  • Keeping a stash of healthy snacks comes in handy when you are hungry.
    • Instead of the brownie your coworker is offering you, reach for the trail mix, nuts, fruit, nutrition bars, popcorn, carrot sticks and hummus. Having your own snacks can also steer you away from hitting up the vending machine for goodies.
  • Set a healthy example at the office.
    • When it’s your turn to bring treats, bring fruit instead. Somebody will be sure to thank you for that, and you’ll never know, maybe the whole team may catch on…

Reaching for the candy jar throughout the day.

  • Out of sight out of mind
    • Keep the candy dish off your desk! Move it out of our office or if you must have one, instead of using a jar that you can see the candy, use one that is not transparent.  But really though, out of sight, out of mind. If you really need a treat, remember you have a stash of healthy snacks.

Happy healthy workdays,



One thought on “Staying healthy at work

  1. Maggie Cook says:

    What great tips, Joanna! I’ve been thinking I need to add some healthy habits into my workdays. Thanks for the great ideas 🙂


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