Staying healthy during Thanksgiving

Trying to stay healthy and enjoy Thanksgiving without the guilt? From stuffing to pumpkin pie, things can get pretty stressful at the dinner table when you’re trying to stay healthy. Don’t let turkey day sabotage your weight! Follow these tips for a guilt and stress-free Thanksgiving.

  1. The half plate rule
    • This rule is easy to follow and one that I have found most people tend to remember best. When serving yourself at the dinner table, fill half your plate with veggies, a quarter with starch (mashed potatoes, rice) and a quarter of it with protein (turkey, ham). Digging into the veggies first will fill you up, leaving less room for seconds.
  2. Be picky!
    • Of course we all want to try EVERYTHING. But let’s face it- you don’t need to try 4 different kinds of cookies and 3 variations of mashed potatoes. Before diving into the food, look around the table first and ask yourself what you REALLY want to try. Decide in your head what you actually want. If you prepare yourself ahead of time and plan what you intend on having, you will be less likely to put a little of everything on your plate, which can often times get out of control (remember the half plate rule)!
  3. Choose your treat
    • I am an avid believer that we can all have a little treat, especially during the holiday! So yes, there is room for a treat. Whether it’s the booze, dessert, or cheese platter, go ahead..pick one and indulge. Slowly. P.S. If you stick to just one it will actually feel like a treat…
  4. Prepare ahead of time
    • NEVER go to a party hungry. It’s just like going to the supermarket hungry; you end up buying much more (in this case, consuming much more) than you anticipated. Before you head out, nibble on a small snack (ex: string cheese, handful of nuts, fruit, hard boiled egg, yogurt) and drink a glass of water so you are not arriving to the party ravenous and ready to attack the table.
  5. Be a social butterfly
    • One of the best things about holidays is of course, the food! However, let’s not forget that holidays are for catching up too. Walking around and chatting with others while you eat can help slow the pace of your eating down and also helps you tune into your fullness level. You will be surprised how distractions can make you forget about those seconds or thirds.

Try these tips out tomorrow on Turkey day and enjoy the holiday…guilt-free!

Happy healthy Thanksgiving,



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