Smart Swaps

Ever find yourself munching on something and wondering, “wouldn’t it be great if a healthier version of this existed?” Well, maybe it does…

Smart Swaps is a series I started to share healthier and better-for-you noms, from childhood favorites to classic snacks.

Intro to Smart Swaps

Smart Swaps: Mini Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers

Smart Swaps: Immunity Boosters

Smart Swaps: Real vs. Unreal Peanut M&Ms

Smart Swaps: The Way Better Chip

Smart Swaps: Meat Sticks

Smart Swaps: Fruit Strips

Smart Swaps: The Restaurant Style Chip

Smart Swaps: The Chia Pod

Smart Swaps: Just Mayo

Smart Swaps: Oatmeal Cups 

Smart Swaps: Halloween Edition- Gummy Bears

Smart Swaps: Granola


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